my pictureMy name is Allison Day. I am a dancer and web developer who graduated with a degree in economics and happens to have a passion for sushi. And, of course, I love cooking and writing about food. I have lived in Southern California all of my life, and I love it here. I have a wonderful boyfriend, Son, who has been a big part of keeping Sushi Day looking great – he designed the site, did most of the coding for it, and takes all of the photographs you see on Sushi Day.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional sushi chef, or claiming to be one… I’m just someone who loves making sushi in her free time.

Want to know more about me? Seven random things about me here, five more random facts here, and another eight here! And as if that weren’t enough, I’ve even given you six more random facts about me.

If you need help getting started, visit So… What is Sushi???

If you aren’t sure what some of the ingredients I use are, visit the Glossary.

If you still have questions about anything, suggestions for sushi concoctions you think I should try, or just want to leave feedback, Contact Me.

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